No Second Chances is the seventh episode of Rovert Walking Dead Season 3


  • Last Appearance of Gareth


Trevor keeps saying "I WONT!" in which Victor stares at him. Gareth grabs both Victor and Trevor and brings them to a wall. They both get handcuffed, and Gareth aims his pistol at Trevor, in which Victor is trying to get free. Gareth shoots at the wall, as the gun jumps out of his hand, since he was shocked, and hits him in the head, knocking him down.

Trevor uses his sword to get released from the handcuffs and helps Victor get released from his. Gareth explains to Trevor that he was forbidden and arrested, and that Sega forced him in the group.

Unfortunately, Sega does show up and smiles. He points to Gareth, saying that he forced him in his group, and after hesitation, Trevor does put a sword in Gareth's head, killing him. Sega says that Trevor spoiled the fun, that Sega wanted to kill him, but Trevor and Victor walk away, ending the episode.

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